A project in Boombox is the equivalent to a folder on your desktop associated with a song you are creating. You can house any and all files associated with the song, including audio files, PDFs, logic or pro tools project files, etc.

  1. Invite Collaborators: Projects in Boombox allow you to invite other Boombox users to collaborate with you on the individual song, and see everything you can see there.

  2. Create song splits: Projects also give you the ability to create splits for any given song among the collaborators you've invited.

  3. Time-stamped comments: Collaborate via time-stamped comments on any audio file. This acts a single location for all of your feedback on any song. Say goodbye to those endless email and text threads!

  4. Mix Versioning: As soon as you upload a new version of your song, it will automatically version be added as the latest version of that track within the project. All previous versions and comments will be accessible with a simple click.

  5. Assign Tasks: Boombox also allows you to assign specific tasks and due dates tied to any of your projects.

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