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Boombox Sync for macOS
How to use Boombox Sync for macOS
How to use Boombox Sync for macOS

Keep your devices in sync! View, upload and download files locally with the macOS app.

Written by India Lossman
Updated over a week ago

Once you have installed Boombox Sync for macOS and synced it to your boombox account, the same structure will reflect in your boombox File System.

By default, you'll always start with a "Projects" folder and a "Scrap Box" folder

Actions that you take locally will sync to the boombox app right away. This includes...

  • Create a folder

  • Drag and drop a new folder into boombox

  • Add files or remove files from a folder

  • Rename a folder

  • Rename files

  • Move files

Actions that you take in the app will sync to your local folder, but there may be a delay of up to 5 minutes.

Currently converting a folder into a project is only supported in the web app.

Note: A project is a “top level” item in the boombox app. While a project can contain folders and subfolders, you can’t combine projects locally into other projects.

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