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Boombox Sync for macOS
Installing Boombox Sync for macOS
Installing Boombox Sync for macOS

Keep your devices in sync! View, upload and download files locally with Boombox Sync for macOS.

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How to install Boombox Sync for macOS:

Watch the installation guide in the video below, or keep scrolling for step-by-step written instructions!

Drag the boombox app over into your applications folder

Click “open” when your mac asks if you want to open because it was a file downloaded from the web

Click "Log in". You'll directed to sign in to your Boombox account on the web.

In the installation window, “Choose” your folder location. Select a location for your Boombox folder and press "Done".

Note: This folder should not be on an external drive

Select “Start syncing” and you should see your files start to populate.

There are badges in Finder that are indicators for Sync Status

Click “Open System Settings” to enable permissions to Boombox

Make sure there is a blue checkmark next to your finder extensions

If you’re having any issues, please contact [email protected] - we're here to help!

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