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Boombox for MacOS (Desktop Sync Beta)
How to install boombox for macOS (desktop sync)
How to install boombox for macOS (desktop sync)
Keep your devices in sync!. View, upload and download files locally with the macOS app.
Written by India Lossman
Updated over a week ago

How to Install macOS:

1. Download the DMG to your desktop

2. Drag the boombox app over into your applications folder

3. Click “Open” when your mac asks if you want to open because it was a file downloaded from the web

4. In the installation window, “Choose” your folder location.

5. Click “Open system preferences” to enable permissions to boombox

6. Make sure there is a blue checkmark next to your finder extensions

7. “Log in” to your boombox account by clicking “Log in” (There will be a green confirmation text telling you you’ve successfully logged in)

8. Select “Start syncing” and you should see your files start to populate. If you’re having issues please contact [email protected]

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