Currently, there is no way to find new collaborators on Boombox directly. We are focussed on optimizing our current collaboration tools for teams that are already established.

Discovering new collaborators is something we'll be working on hard in 2023 with the addition of public user profiles - we just want to make sure our current collaboration features are as seamless as they can be so once you've found your collaborator and you're ready to work on your project everything is ready and easy for you.

BUT we hear you. Finding NEW collaborators is really important to so many users in our growing community SO we started a Discord server and which is a great place to find potential collaborators. There is a collab forum channel in the Discord that allows you to post that you're looking for a collab and browse posts by users who have done the same.

We're also dedicated to hosting events on our Discord in 2023 designed especially for users looking for new collaborators so we definitely recommend you checking out the Discord.

Here's the discord link for your convenience:

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