What are equal splits?

Discuss entering manual splits versus calculating equal splits

Written by India Lossman
Updated over a week ago

The default setting for a project is "Split equally". By default the project administrator as the sole collaborator, starts with 100% of the splits. For each collaborator that is invited to the project, the administrator has the OPTION to turn on splits for them that can be calculated and equally distributed by Boombox.


Collaborator # 2 could be offered 50% splits

(The project admin would change from 100 to 50% splits)

Collaborator # 3 could be offered 33.3% splits

(The project admin and collaborator # 2 would change from 50 to 33.3% splits)

Note: Collaborators receive notifications whenever their splits are changed.

As the project administrator, you can turn off "split equally" and enter custom (or manual) splits instead. Splits will NOT be part of the invitation for a collaborator and can be addressed later in the "Splits" area of the collaborators tab.

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