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How do I sign a contract on Boombox?
How do I sign a contract on Boombox?

How to sign a contract based on splits on Boombox

Written by India Lossman
Updated over a week ago

If you have an account on Boombox and you are a collaborator with splits on a project, you will receive a notification that a contract is ready to be signed (once an admin creates the contract and sends it out for signatures).

An email notification contains a link to view a contract on Boombox. Once you log into Boombox, you will be directed to the contract on the collaborators tab of the project. Contracts are listed below the list of collaborators.

Steps to sign a contract

  1. You can preview the contract by clicking on it

  2. Press the "Sign contract" button to the right of the contract

  3. In the modal, enter your legal name as you want it to appear on the contract

  4. Click the checkbox to agree to using an e-signature

  5. Click submit

When all collaborators have signed the contract, you will receive an additional email notification - the signed contract will be attached.

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