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How do I create a contract on Boombox?
How do I create a contract on Boombox?

How to create a contract based on splits on Boombox

Written by India Lossman
Updated over a week ago

If you have a standard or premium plan on Boombox and you have admin access to a project, you will have access to generate contracts based on the splits for the project.

Requirements to generate a contract

  1. A "Song title" in the project settings is required.

  2. Your list of collaborators with splits should be final

  3. And the allocation of master and composition splits must each total 100%

Steps to generate a contract

  1. Press the "Generate contracts" button on the "Collaborators" tab of a project.

  2. For the master recording, you must choose whether the song is co-owned or artist owned.

  3. Two contracts will be created when you press "Submit"

    1. One for the sound recording and one for composition.

  4. You can preview a contract by clicking on it.

    1. You can download or print the contract from the "Preview contract" modal.

  5. You should press the "Send for signatures" button to notify collaborators that there is a contract to be signed.

    1. Collaborators will receive an email that directs them to the contract in Boombox so that they can sign the contract electronically.

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