A version of an audio file can be turned into an NFT on Boombox. If you have a standard plan, you can right click on a version of an audio file that you uploaded to Boombox (into the scrap box or into a project)

You will be required to enter:

your crypto wallet address,

a name for the NFT,

an image for the NFT (that will be displayed in the marketplace where it is sold)

and a starting sell price in ETH

You will have the option to enter:

A description for the NFT

And a royalty percentage of up to 10%

Once minted, your NFT will be visible on a third party marketplace. Starting with Rarible. Rarible takes 2.5% of the sales of your NFT. Boombox takes 2.5% of the initial sale of your NFT. You receive the rest.

Important Note: The royalty percentage that you enter controls the percentage you receive of all subsequent sales of the NFT that you generated.

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