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Which notifications are supported?
Which notifications are supported?
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Notifications are supported via three mediums: SMS, email and in-app. You can pick and chose what you want to be notified about and through which channels in the Notification Settings in your account.

Currently, Boombox users can receive notifications for the following items:

  1. An artist profile has been shared with you

  2. Files have been shared with you

  3. Folders have been shared with you

  4. A file has been added to a folder

  5. You have been invited to collaborate

  6. The splits on a project have changed

  7. A collaborator has added a comment to an audio file

  8. You have been mentioned in a comment (Projects Only)

  9. A task has been assigned to you

  10. A contract is ready to be signed

  11. All collaborators have signed a contract

  12. You have been removed from a project

  13. A playlist has been shared with you

  14. A collaborator has commented on a playlist

  15. A collaborator has accepted your invitation

  16. A collaborator has declined your invitation

  17. A task has been completed

  18. A task is due tomorrow

  19. A task is past due

  20. You have new messages (Unread after 24hrs)

  21. A collaborator has signed a contract

  22. A collaborator deleted their account

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