After logging into the Boombox app for the first time, you can click your avatar in the top right of the main navigation and fill out any user settings you've not completed, including adding a profile picture and bio. This is optional. Once your identity is set up, you'll notice a few options in the side navigation to your left.

Projects - Ready to start creating? Click the "new project" button in the top right of the Projects page. Add the name of the project or song then select any appropriate genres for organization. Click "create project" and it will automatically send you to that project's individual page.

  • The page will default to "files". Here, you can easily upload or drag and drop any files relevant to the project, including audio, voice memos, PDF files and more.

  • Click the "collaborators" tab to invite others to work with you on the project. Here, you can set permissions for each collaborator, or set up the song splits for the track you are working on together.

  • The next option is "tasks". Here, you can assign any tasks related to this project to yourself or your collaborators.

  • The final option is "settings". Under settings, you can upload cover art, the name of the song, or create additional tags for organization. UPC codes, IRSC code, release date or catalog numbers are also accessible via this view.

Scrap box - This is a place where you can store files not directly attached to any individual projects. Record voice memos, upload PDFs, audio files, anything you want. Your scrap box will be private to you until you add a file to a project with collaborators. Once that's done, your collaborators will also be able to see those files.

Tasks - This section is a view of any tasks that have been assigned to you by collaborators on any open projects, or tasks that you've assigned to yourself.

Messages - Start a 1 to 1 conversation with any collaborator on any project using our messenger feature.

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